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Chat and forum rules

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Forum and Chat Rules

  • No Cross Posting. No more than one topic in any forum(s) with the same question or message.
  • Post in the appropriate forum
  • Personal discussions and arguments should not be posted, use PMs instead.
  • Site policy is non-debatable. For questions/discussion you can PM an Admin, a Moderator or a Council Member, denoted by the badges under their names (Council Member: black book, Forum Moderator: blue book, Admin: red book). Then, the GoMe staff will discuss and decide on the matter and announce any change, in the public forum.
  • No swearing, vulgarity, adult-only, or other questionable content. Keep the website "Family Oriented".
  • No racial, religious, age, marital status, gender, or sexually-oriented slurs.
  • No spamming or flaming. These will be handled as described in our website rules.
  • Tampering with website/forum security or software will be handled as described in our website rules.
  • Discussions that promote or encourage illegal, unethical, or immoral activities are prohibited. In particular, discussions about illegal activities is allowed, but please don't post links or encourage people to join.
  • We encourage freedom of speech. However, keep your words within the borders of these rules.
  • If any of your posts get deleted or edited you will receive a PM with the edited/deleted words along with the explanation of the reason for removing them.
  • Moderators rules: threads and posts won't be deleted permanently except in extreme cases (i.e. pornography, spam).
  • For any question or issue contact an Admin, a Moderator or a Council Member.
  • If think you found a bug, contact a Webmaster (grey book).
  • For the general rules of the website (out of the Forum and the ChatRooms) click here.

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